Out Of The Ordinary Geometry, Miami, FL. 2012

Out Of The Ordinary Geometry
Director’s Foreword

Throughout her career as a sculptor, Lydia Azout has focused on the basic elements of form and shape as symbolic of the powers of nature, especially the feminine forces she regards as reflections of creativity, cosmic order and harmony. Often working with monumental structures which she makes out of wood, steel and other materials, this diminutive woman boldly faces the challenges of size and space as she explores the object’s potential to express something beyond its geometric references and delve into a world that acknowledges the spiritual through a contemporary aesthetic.
Her installation for the Frost Art Museum calls for the viewer to momentarily suspend the demands of the everyday to interact on an emotional basis with the sculptural forms. The large-scale, site-specific work is multi-media and constructed out of different types of steel and projections to produce a confrontation with the materials and potentially extend the human experience beyond that of the merely functional or obvious and enter into a relationship directed at perception and personal response. We hope the experience will be memorable and inspirational.
Carol Damian
Director The Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum
Ramón Giovani
William Kuan
Isaac Azout